The Journey Begins

“The best path through life is the highway.”  ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

When I first subscribed to Road&Track magazine I was more interested in their coverage of Grand Prix racing than their car reviews or their columnists. Today they no longer cover each Grand Prix race and thats fine with me. I can watch the races on the Speed Channel if I want and don’t need to rely on a written account to keep current. Actually Grand Prix racing has gotten rather humdrum since aero packages and engineering have taken on more importance than the drivers skill level. In other words it’s the engineering that’s most important in winning the world championship. The driver has importance but less so than in the past which makes the racing less interesting to watch.

I still subscribe to Road&Track but now I look forward to each month’s ‘Side Glances’ column written by Peter Egan. His columns show his love of all things automotive and include a large dose of humor. He gets me to thinking and remembering things that had temporarily slipped from my memory. Well this comment from one of his articles describes it with great accuracy:  “I was clobbered suddenly by one of those flashbacks we older guys get, in which long-ago memories shove aside recent events and steal the mental stage. As I let the old tape roll through the mind projector, …” .

I hope this blog will allow me to “let the old tape roll through the mind projector” and provide something of interest. I’m not sure that there is an overlying theme although the travels of my youth through the Southwest have been an inspiraton for this site.

The journey down the Electric Highway begins.